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Shanghai YaTai Construction Group Co., Ltd. is a construction company with the Qualification of ¡°Grade Super-A General Contractor in building construction¡±, ¡°Grade Super-A General Contractor in municipal engineering & public utilities¡±, ¡°Grade A special contractor in steel structure engineering¡±, ¡°Grade A special contractor in decoration & finish work engineering¡±, ¡°Grade A general contractor in electrical & mechanical equipments installation¡±, ¡°Grade A special contractor in ground base & foundation engineering¡±. YaTai is a large construction group company integrating industrial and civil architecture, decoration, ground base & foundation project, equipment installation, ancient garden & historic building, municipal transportation, Highway Bridge, building-intellectualizing system, construction curtain wall, sporting fields and facilities and real estate development.

Yatai is solid in technical force and well equipped with mechanical equipments and advanced construction technology, whose registered capital was 103.8 million RMB, with 686 technical and professional talents and existing employees of more than 4800, which can undertake various and complex construction work including big or medium industrial architecture, civil, municipal, highway and underwater facilities, with an annual output value of 1.5 billion RMB.

Yatai obtained ISO certifications, which including ¡°ISO 9001:2000 for quality management system¡±, ¡°ISO 1004 for environment management system¡± and ¡°occupational safety & health management system.¡±

The fineness ratios of project reach more than 90%. Yatai takes ¡°Accomplish First-Class Projects; Create Comfortable Environment¡± as the corporate mission and has been committed to core value: ¡°Quality first; Credit paramount; Good teamwork; Strong responsibility; Pursue excellence; Sustained development¡± and throw itself into the national and foreign construction markets with heart and soul.

During these years, Yatai centers on Shanghai and opens its affiliated companies, subsidiary companies and offices in Australia, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqin, Nanjin, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Liyang, Yixin etc.

People of Yatai not only have the great fighting spirit but also have the capable innovative spirit and have created one miracles after another during these years of development. Yatai gained many honors and glories in projects, such as ¡°White Yulan¡±, ¡°Huang Pu River cup¡±, ¡®Yangpu Cup¡±, ¡°Municipal Templet Construction Site¡±, ¡°Municipal Excellent Structure¡± etc. and other honors like ¡°Magnolia¡±, ¡°Pujiang Cup¡±. ¡°Yangpu Cup¡±, ¡°Municipal Standardized Construction Site¡±, ¡°Municipal Superior Quality of Project ¡±, ¡°AAA Credit Enterpise¡±, ¡°National Excellent Quality Control Enterpise¡±, ¡°National Customers Satisfaction Enterpise¡±, ¡°National Excellent Construction Company ¡± etc.

Yatai is developing on the base of construction and combined with diversification management of real estate development, technical software, hardware products, stone processing. During these years, Yatai has established branch corporations or subsidiary companies like Shanghai Qianwang building engineering and development Co., Ltd; Shanghai Muerben building decoration materials Co., Ltd; Qidong Auchun Industrial Co., Ltd and Guangfu service Co., Ltd etc. Yatai is also actively participate in the investment and development of giant project of Fudan Software Park, whose building area is approximately 140, 000 square meters and total investments amount to more than 1 billion RMB. We¡¯ll strive for making Yatai become a public company In the near future

With all the difficulties endured, people of Yatai have become much maturer and successful. We stick to our principal of ¡°struggle persistently and develop constantly.¡± And what¡¯s more, we sincerely invite friends from all sides to corporate with us and share mutual interests. Let¡¯s join us and strive for a more brighter future of Yatai all together!

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